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Naturopathic consultations are currently run online via Zoom OR phone call - depending on you're preferred option.

Why online?


Online consultations give you the freedom & flexibility to gain naturopathic support from the comfort of your own home - no matter where in Australia you are. If you do not see a time that suits you, please contact me to arrange a time.

How can I purchase products?


Dispensing your supplements couldn't be easier. I use online dispensing platforms such as, meaning products can be purchased online following our consultation and delivered straight to your door.





In our first consultation, we'll dive deep into your health history and current concerns. The aim of this consult is for me to gain an understanding of the underlying causes and drivers of your health conditions, so we can move past treating your symptoms and get you feeling your best. We'll discuss various topics including symptoms, health history, gut health, lifestyle & nutrition.



At the end of this consultation, we dive into the start of your treatment plan, based on your health goals. About 24-48 hours after your consultation, you'll receive your individualised treatment plan.


Treatment may include herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary guidance and lifestyle therapies, depending on your specific needs. If appropriate, recommended conventional and/or functional testing will be discussed.


If your health concerns are complex, chronic or you are taking multiple pharmaceutical medications, I may not recommend supplementation until the following consults. This gives me time to ensure that I am providing you with the safest, most effective care possible.


Follow up consultations run for up to 45 minutes depending on your individual needs and are designed to further develop your treatment plan, monitor progress and assess further aspects of health not covered in previous consults.


During these appointments we'll discuss more long-term treatment strategies, what's actually going on in your body and the ways in which we can address these issues to  bring your body back into balance.


It is also my goal to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to help you understand the root cause of you symptoms, giving you the power to understand your body and health.


Keep in mind that as you progress along your health journey this treatment plan may adapt and move in a different direction.


These short consultations are designed to help support your body during times of acute sickness, such as during a cold, seasonal allergies, sinusitis or a UTI. These consultations may also be helpful if your goal is to prevent acute illnesses (such as prevention of a cold). Acute consultations are also appropriate if you are going through a short period of stress, low energy or poor sleep and wanting some short-term guidance.


If your symptoms are chronic, reoccurring or you have a complex health history, this type of consultation may not be suitable. In this case, you are welcome to book an initial consultation so we have time to get to the bottom of your health concerns, rather than just treat your symptoms. 

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